Primal Focus

Faster. Farther. Stronger.

Those words represent my short term goals:  faster, farther, and stronger.  I am one month into this journey, and seeing myself in new ways.  I know I am only at the beginning of this chapter, but I am learning.  Here are my January lessons:

  • Movement – my body can do so much more than I ever thought possible.  Tonight I completed a WOD – scaled down, but as prescribed!  It felt so good.  The first round was 50 burpees, 20 power snatches.  Second round included 25 burpees, 10 snatches.  At the end of four minutes on Round 2, I had only completed 21 of the 25 burpees.  Sarah called time.  I told her that I wasn’t going to stop when I was only four away.  Better than saying it is living it!  I did not quit.  More times than not, I am winded. I am sore. I am wondering how I let myself get so far off the path before realizing it, which leads me to…
  • Belief – no one at my gym cared if I stopped.  Please do not misunderstand.  I am surrounded by people who encourage, congratulate, and motivate in the best way possible: by example.  I see them push. I see them train. I see them do more than they are asked. I see them, and I believe I can go faster, farther, and be stronger.  I do not want to be the one scaling down, but I can feel the transformation occurring.  I know the sweat, tears, callouses, and sore muscles are badges of courage, and I can hold my head high.  Another difference…
  • Accountability – every other time that I attempted to lose weight, I asked someone to hold me accountable via text, via email, via phone, etc.  The unfortunate truth: I never followed through.  If I examine why, the most likely answer: sheer embarrassment.  I am human. There are days when I slip and fall.  This time I am not expecting perfection.  About ten days ago, out of sheer habit, I reached in and grabbed a handful of Sarah’s popcorn.  Not realizing until it was in my mouth – it’s a grain!  What am I doing?  I mentally kicked myself. Then, I asked myself why? Time kept ticking, the world did not end, and I stayed on the wagon the rest of the time.  The perfection paradigm is not realistic or healthy.  Feels great to let that go!  Speaking of letting go. I have…
  • Freedom – this list is important to me.  I am no longer defined by a number, but I am 11.2 pounds lighter.  I am no longer scared to tell anyone where I am (physically, emotionally, spiritually).  I am empowered to make wise choices. I am responsible for my words, my actions, and my attitude.  Above all, I am…
  • Grateful – for the unconditional love, for the path forward, for the ability to dig deeper, for the understanding, for the moments of grace.

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One thought on “Faster. Farther. Stronger.

  1.!!! So so proud of you.

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