Primal Focus

More, Better, Different, and Less…

I am a pretty optimistic person.  9 out of 10 times I am the person in the conversation that sees the glass half full.  With that said, I approach my life at home the same way I attend to work by continually asking myself these questions:

What do I need to do…

  • more of (or for my friends who are closet grammar Nazis, In what areas of my life can I do more)?
  • better?
  • differently?
  • less?

This week my answers are as follows (Note: these answers reflect my life observations which may or may not have to do with my Primal Focus):

  • More?  I need to move more.  I went to the gym on Wednesday and today (intended yesterday, but stomach bug won).  My arms are still a little sore.  Discomfort, not pain.  Thinking about the possibilities jazzes me.  You mean I might be able to do a Spartan race?  A mudder?  A climb to the top of Ranier?  For inspiration, I just look around.  There are women all over that gym who are strong.  And, no, I do not mean bulky, she-men either.  I mean lean, mean, machines who by looking at them you would never imagine that they could pick up, let alone chest press 120#.  These women are gorgeous -inside and out, and I am amazed at the sense of camaraderie among them/us.  There’s something about pushing one another to the limits that brings out the team player in everyone.
  • Better? I need to do a better job of keeping in touch with friends.  Whether or not they share the same issues or challenges, I want to invest in others.  I work.  I play.  I volunteer.  Rarely, do I just sit with a friend to listen.  When I do, I am always grateful for the time, and I pledge to do it again soon.  Then time and schedules get in the way.  The days turn into weeks; the weeks turn into months; and, the months turn into years.  Life is meant to be shared.  This is definitely an area of improvement for me.
  • Differently? I need to find side dishes that work for our family – quickly at the end of a busy work day and before karate (or the next activity).  My family loves roasted vegetables, but the time commitment isn’t realistic.
  • Less? Letting my mind wander to Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve Land.  My present reality is a long way from the goal.  It makes no difference what choices brought me here, as long as I am willing to do what it takes to correct my course.  This is hard for me.  My desire to get there ‘yesterday’  needs to meet Truth.  There is joy in the journey no matter how long it takes.

One final thought:

When I was at the gym on Wednesday, I heard a few people say, “I can’t.”  A short time ago that used to mean you had to stop and do ten burpees, but I digress.  I realized I no longer have an “I can’t” attitude.  I kept thinking, “not yet.”  Everything is possible regardless of my age or where I am starting.  Maybe not tonight does not mean not ever.  It just means, not yet.

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