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Two Weeks Down!

Hard to believe I’m two weeks into this journey.  Apologies, I never intended to wait that long to update, and I will do better.  This post will be a little long, but I have four topics on my mind:

  1. Skipping treats or meals – you will not starve,
  2. Great minds think alike – Mark Sisson’s 2012 Success Stories in the Making,
  3. Exercise – the good, the bad, the reality, and
  4. What’s next.

Any behavior change, weight loss, exercise, or lifestyle (that’s where my choice falls) program with which I am familiar tends to reinforce the addage: fail to plan, and you might as well plan to fail.  I am not sure I agree – at least not completely.  Planning is important, but, I think (for me) it’s more about commitment to the decision.  Let me explain.  On Monday I attended a Pampered Chef party.  As a quick reminder, I am avoiding sugar, grain (not just gluten, but all grains), legumes (including peanuts), and dairy.   As a side note, important to me at the time, I went to the party ‘starving.’  Work was super busy, and I had no time to eat a snack before I arrived.  My friend invited me in, her daughter took my jacket, and, then, I went to the line.  Translation:  I was one member of the herd in a huge buffet style line of food large enough to feed a small country.  Choices included taco soup (beef, tomatoes, corn, black beans, etc.), dips with bread, cheese with crackers, cakes with frosting, and I know I’m only scratching the surface.  My plate looked pathetic – raw cauliflower and a few (yes, that means three) green grapes.  I expected a lot of people to ask, but only a couple did.  I spent my time visiting with ladies with whom I usually only see in passing.  As we went around to the various stations to make our food, I knew exactly what I was adding or in some cases deciding not to add to my family’s food.  For instance, one station called for a taco seasoning packet.  I planned ahead and brought a snack bag of my favorite taco seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, cumin).  Another station had ketchup (catsup to some) laced with high fructose corn syrup.  No thanks.  When all was said and done, I walked away with four meals, not five.  I did not starve, and when I came home I had a cup of chicken broth.  I survived.  I also went to one of my favorite restaurants where they bring out the warm bread and dipping oil.  Since I was with others, I did not say, ‘no thanks.’  Rather, I sat there, did not touch it, and I survived.  As a matter of fact, I felt empowered, motivated, and strong.  This is my body, my temple, my gift.  Every ‘right’ decision motivates me to make another.  For that I am thankful.

Great minds really do think alike.  Jimmy Moore posted a link to 46 new paleo blogs for 2012, he’s including mine in his next list.  Mark Sisson added a new feature to his site, “Success Stories in the Making.”  He’s created a forum for others on this journey.  When I read his post which went up within a few hours (his was actually earlier) of mine, I debated on whether or not to shut this one down.  I do not believe there is anything new under the sun or unique to me, but I decided to keep it going.  This is about my journey and what I am learing along the way.  I do encourage you, however, to check out his page.  I guess there are over 400 of us on this path.  There’s definitely comfort in numbers, especially when you take a moment to recognize/realize:  everyone has a story. 

Now, a brief moment on exercise.  Nothing added yet, but, I am super excited about a kettlebell workshop tomorrow.  Ok, if I’m completely honest, I am stoked and scared.  I know this will involve soreness, pain, and many moments waaay outside of my comfort zone.  At the same time, I like what Amanda put on her wall this week to mark her first anniversary in the gym.  I’m paraphrasing, but basically, “no matter how slow I’m going, I’m lapping everyone that’s choosing to stay at home and sit on the couch.” 

I feel great about the last two weeks, and I am honestly looking forward to whatever comes next.  I will start sharing some of my favorite recipes, including homemade chorizo and my homemade shrimp creole.  All good stuff!  Last, but not least, if you’re wondering – how much have I lost?  I have no idea!  I know that I have lost, but I also know 1) it’s usually water at first, 2) the number does not define me, and 3) I told myself I would not look for thirty days. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Two Weeks Down!

  1. Jen Norton on said:

    you are inspiring. I’ve kind of hit the winter blahs and feel hungry 24/7 but this has been encouraging. Looking forward to your shrimp creole recipe.

  2. I am so glad you made it out alive in your ventures! And you are right-skipping a meal is not going to kill you. I sent my info in for MDA success in progress also…makes me think twice about eating something of plan for sure. Glad I did it..and glad you did it too!

  3. So proud of you Sonia….! Praying for you!!

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